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We booked on the Mediterranean cruise and extended our stay for 3 days. When I asked the customer service rep about which city we should book our flight home I was told Rome which I booked. Well, that was not the case, as Florence was the closest airport. We had to leave a day early to catch a train back to Rome and book a hotel room as our flight was leaving at 8 am. We spent a lot of money for the 3 day extended trip and had to leave one day... Read more

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I've done dozens of cruises around the world. Viking is the very best in the world. If you have a problem on Viking you probably shouldn't be cruising.

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I booked my parents on board the ship in October 2016 by Peter Danadio a sales representative for Viking Cruises he misled me about my cabin, stating that I was getting a good deal for a cruise that cost about $8,000. He said I would have a window and it would be on the main deck. To my surprise, that did not happen. I was on the lowest deck on the ship and had to climb multiple stairs to reach the main deck. I was very disappointed and would... Read more

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I wish I had bothered to read reviews like this before booking my Danube cruise! We had a similar experience. Bus transfer from Prague airport was in a bus with only air conditioning in the front for the driver! Was an omen to things to come! We were shocked to board for the cruise in an industrial port outside of Nuremberg. We spent the first couple of days cruising in a canal with nothing to see but canal bank. We were not allowed on the top... Read more

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I submitted an earlier review of this 2- day extension of our Viking Star cruise and the Hilton Stucky hotel but need to add that I have bites on my legs and torso from this terrible hotel. Rooms were dirty! They also charged us $116.00 that didn't appear on our checkout statement! We bought nothing there and since it was Viking, our breakfast was free!! We are disputing this charge with our bank. What a terrible place. Viking needs to do... Read more

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Took Viking Star Barcelona to Venice. All was great until we did the extended 2 day stay in Venice and ended up st Hilton Stucky off main island. Dropped luggage st 9 am, got to hotel at 10:30, could not register until 2 pm and got luggage at 4pm! Wasted a whole day which is costly! Shuttle was also a nightmare - no one at front in hotel to help. Thus is also not a 5-star hotel! Amenities are very lacking. Would not do the retention again! ... Read more

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On Vikings web site it states that transfers are included when you book air with Viking. We booked air and paid $400 for a deviation (4 passengers) to stay 1 night in Marseilles on our own by the airport before doing the transfer to Avignon. Well 6 days before the trip we discover that we have to get our own transfers to board the ship 1 hour away Marseilles to Avignon. So our options are cab $200 or train $160 but that is not really the point... Read more

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My husband and I are scheduled to cruise with Viking in September. We were just notified that we could not make reservations for excursions (beware - there is a pecking order predicated on your cabin type). Immediately after receiving notice, we went to make reservations and found that so many were already SOLD OUT. Even tours that Viking had advertised as INCLUDED are SOLD OUT. We paid for those cruises and find that unacceptable. So then,... Read more

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Viking handled out transportation to Amsterdam. They flew us from Philadelphia to Atlanta then to Amsterdam. On arriving in Amsterdam we had to push our luggage quite a distance to the waiting van. After arriving at the hotel we were told we had to wait 5 hours till our room would be ready. By the time our room was ready we had been up for 24 1/2 hours. Upon leaving the hotel for the ship we were told we had to wait in the hotel lobby for 3... Read more

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We purchased tickets 2 years in advance and a year before the Viking Star was built for our party of 8, 4 cabins total. We requested adjoining Junior suites. What we received were two handicapped suites lacking both a second TV and sitting area, nor were the suites adjoining. We did approach staff on board and they advised us to address the issues at the end of the cruise, which we did. We were offered a $1,000 discount on a future cruise. We... Read more

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